21. March 2023

SETAC Europe Dublin

SETAC Europe 33rd Annual Meeting

The 33rd European meeting of the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry will be held in Dublin, Ireland, from April 30 to May 4. The conference takes place at the Convention Centre in Dublin https://europe2023.setac.org

The framework of the conference “Data-Driven Environmental Decision Making” focuses on protecting and restoring the environment. Central to enhanced environmental understanding is the access to data. SETAC Europe will bring together scientists from various disciplines to support the transition to renewable economies and sustainable business practices. Researchers will share, debate and discuss their most recent scientific knowledge to support adaptive and responsive environmental management and protection.

PRIMACYT, as a reference laboratory of the European Union, is supporting the conference. We will present our biological in vitro assay systems that serve as model systems to study in vitro intrinsic clearance for bioaccumulation assessments in fish and other animals. We produce these in vitro systems (rainbow trout hepatocytes and rainbow trout liver subcellular fraction) according to OECD test guideline 319A/B. Validation and quality assurance by PRIMACYT researchers guaranties reliability and reproducibility of the biological systems. PRIMACYT’s in vitro systems also help to reduce the number of animal experiments in the assessment of bioaccumulation of chemicals. This is in accordance with the 3R principles (replace, reduce, refine).

We will display our products at the exhibition. Meet us at booth 6 in the Convention Centre and learn more about the use and applications of our in vitro systems.

PRIMACYT Cell Culture Technology GmbH

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