19. September 2023

OECD 319B Rainbow trout liver S9 fractions

PRIMACYT offers a new lot of pooled Rainbow trout (Oncorrhynchus mykiss) liver S9 fraction from animals kept under controlled housing conditions. The organs were obtained from eight sexually immature animals. S9 fractions were prepared and extensively characterized for Phase I (Cytochrome P450) and Phase 2 (Glucuronidation and Sulfatation) enzyme activities.

“The increasing demand for this product prompted us to start the production of new lots ahead of the planned schedule.” said Dieter Runge, Managing Director of PRIMACYT.

This is the also first time that we offer extrahepatic S9 fractions from animals maintained according to OECD guideline 319B other than liver. The extrahepatic organs include gill, intestine, heart, brain and spleen. As with liver, we have performed an in-depth analysis of these products for biotransformation activities. Enzymatic assays reveal some quite substantial activities for specific enzymes, suggesting that these organs also may play a certain role in the degradation of agrochemicals and other chemical compounds that are released into the environment.

Researchers studying bioaccumulation and in vitro clearance rates now have additional tools for in vitro in vivo evaluation (IVIVE) of chemicals.

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