25. August 2023

Meet PRIMACYT at Eurotox in Ljubljana


“Toxicology – multidisciplinary science leading to safer and sustainable life”. This is the theme of 57th Congress of the European Toxicologists and European Societies of Toxicology that will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 10 to 13 September 2023. PRIMACYT will showcase new products and services at Eurotox in Ljubljana. 

In the scientific program, researchers and scientists will present and discuss new research findings in the development, validation and application of new methodologies in risk assessment and the application of artificial intelligence in toxicology among other topics.

Dr. Tanja Krimmling and our Managing Director Dieter Runge are excited to participate at this event, will present PRIMACYT’s products and services at the exhibition. We will network with colleagues and toxicologist from all over the world. We offer primary human and animal cells, liver subcellular fractions, ex vivo skin explants, blood derived cells, and consumables for applications in environmental toxicology, preclinical testing and product development in human and animal health. Our products are manufactured in accordance with OECD test guidelines when applicable. Among other products we will introduce new products like dermatomed human ex vivo skin discs for skin penetration and skin absorption testing. 

To cite Prof. Félix Carvalho, President of Eurotox: “The expertise of toxicologists helps us understand the delicate interplay between chemicals, living organisms, and the environment and the pathways through which substances can affect our health. This allows us to assess risks, make informed decisions, develop safer alternatives, and ensure the preservation of life in all its forms.”

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