24. April 2023

PRIMACYT presents new products at SETAC in Dublin

PRIMACYT will introduce a new product line at the SETAC exhibition in Dublin on April 30 – May 4. “Our new products address the need for reliable assay systems for bioaccumulation and clearance studies in Rainbow trout” explained Dieter Runge, Managing Director of PRIMACYT. 

Currently, bioaccumulation studies are either performed in living animals or in pooled hepatocytes or liver S9 fractions from Rainbow trout. The liver is the major organ for detoxification of chemicals. Therefore, in accordance with OECD guideline 319, hepatocytes and liver S9 fractions serve as model systems to assess bioaccumulation and intrinsic clearance of foreign materials in fish. However, organs like gill or intestine also play an important role in uptake, metabolism and excretion of environmental toxins. 

Dieter Runge explained: “We already supply researches in (agro)chemical industry and research institutions with pooled trout liver products. Now, we also offer for the first time S9 fractions from gill, intestine and brain. This will give researches additional test systems for a more precise evaluation of the bioaccumulation of foreign compounds in fish, without the need of expensive and more time-consuming animal experiments.  

PRIMACYT supports SETAC Europe 2023 in the focus of protecting and restoring the environment. We are presenting our biological assay systems for in-vitro-in-vivo correlations studies in fish and other animals. We produce these in vitro systems according to OECD test guideline 319A/B. Validation and quality assurance by PRIMACYT’s researchers guaranties reliability and reproducibility of the biological systems. In accordance with the 3R principles (replace, reduce, refine), PRIMACYT’s in vitro systems also help to reduce the number of animal experiments in the assessment of bioaccumulation of chemicals. 

Our products will be on display at the exhibition. Meet Dieter Runge at booth 6 at the convention and learn more about the applications of our in vitro systems

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