28. February 2023

Meet us at DECHEMA 3D Cell Culture in Freiburg

The 7th conference on 3D Cell Culture 2023 in Freiburg will focus on advanced and predictive 3D cell culture models. Main topics are biology and applications of organoids, organ-on-a-chip models, and the biology in microphysiological systems. Other topics are developments in the field of Personalised Medicine, the path from 3D cell cultures to cell-based therapies, as well as enabling technologies for standardisation and scalability. The conference will be held at Konzerthaus Freiburg on April 17-19.

Dr. Tanja Krimmling will present PRIMACYT’s human liver spheroid mini organoid co-culture system. The spheroid cultures of human hepatocytes and endothelial cells are able to mimic the in-vivo cell morphology, polarity and cell-cell interaction in the liver sinusoid. Hepatic 3D co-culture systems are a perfect tool to analyze drug metabolism, toxicology and can be used for transporter assays. Her poster presentation is entitled “Liver spheroid co-cultures with fresh or cryopreserved hepatocytes and endothelial cells as tool to investigate metabolism and hepatotoxicity”.  Meet our colleague and have chat at our poster at the venue in Freiburg. Further information at https://dechema.de/en/3DCC2023.html

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