21. April 2023

GLP Quality assurance at PRIMACYT

Marcel Reu has recently successfully completed a GLP quality assurance course for test personnel and test management under the direction of Dr. Roman Klinkner from Klinkner and Partner GmbH. The topics covered included GLP basic knowledge and development of GLP, structural organization of a GLP test facility, test planning, performance of GLP tests, good documentation practice and equipment qualification (AIQ) among others. 

Marcel was appointed as deputy test director. Under his leadership, five medical device tests have already been successfully performed. Several other tests are currently in progress.

Our apprentice Alexander Sattler has just finished a pathology training at Dr. Rothacker Laboratories in Schwerin. The training included the preparation of paraffine embedded tissue samples, tissue slices, and the histological staining of these specimen. Many thanks to Dr. Rothacker and his experienced team.

Congratulations Marcel and Alex!!

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