4. May 2023

Biological assay systems for environmental safety testing in high demand  

PRIMACYT’s biological assay systems for environmental safety testing are in high demand at the SETAC exhibition in Dublin. About 5 years after the implementation of OECD guideline 3198A/B “Determination of in vitro intrinsic clearance using cryopreserved rainbow trout hepatocytes (RT-HEP) / liver S9 subcellular fraction (RT-S9)” the acceptance by regulatory authorities is steadily increasing. Therefore, these low-cost and reliable test systems become more and more popular among researchers in industry and contract research institutions. “We have already received many inquiries from companies and CROs based India and Europe” said Dieter Runge, Managing Director of PRIMACYT. 

On Thursday, Dieter will also present a poster on the “Use of Primary Rainbow Trout Hepatocytes to Determine In Vitro Intrinsic Clearance for Bioaccumulation Assessment in Fish” at the conference.

In addition, the new product line of pooled rainbow trout S9 fractions from gill, intestine and brain also draw the attention of scientists at the meeting. The new products are in line with the 3R principle (replace, reduce, refine) and will help to reduce the number of animals used for environmental testing purposes. 

To meet the increased demand, we have started a new farming of trout. We have already received the animals and we keep them since then under controlled conditions.

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