27. March 2023

PRIMACYT redesigns its website

We are redesigning our website. The PRIMACYT webpage gets a new, modern and user-friendly design.

Visitors will be guided quickly and reliably through the product pages to the inventory via a recurring menu structure. For the most important goods, background and product information and further literature are provided in a clearly arranged form.

The new architecture of the website allows us to update the inventories faster to bring them up to date. As before, all essential product information (data sheets, work instructions and material safety datasheets), including prices, is stored on the website. Order and delivery requests can be made via the connected shopping cart. We will do our best to answer these product inquiries promptly.

The changeover will take place step by step. Therefore, we will not be able to transfer all our products and services to the new site immediately. If you are missing known products, please contact us via the contact form and we will inform you immediately about availability and possible delivery dates.

We gladly accept hints on possible errors and suggestions for improvement.

PRIMACYT Cell Culture Technology GmbH

Hagenower Straße 73
19061 Schwerin