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PRIMACYT Subcellular Fractions - Choose from a variety of species. High quality - Single Donor - Characterized and validated.

PRIMACYT is one of the pioneers in the development of advanced in vitro model systems. We are a leading Company in the field of research of hepatocytes, subcellular fractions, fibroblasts, keratinocytes and more.

PRIMACYT provides subcellular liver fractions from human and a variety of animals for use in drug development in human and animal health. Also, liver cells and subcellular liver fractions are provided for environmental toxicology studies of herbicide and pesticide metabolism and bioaccumulation studies in birds and fish, like rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) or Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). S9 fractions and microsomes from species not listed above, e.g., turkey (Meleagris gallopavo), Mallard duck (Anas platyrhynchos) or Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) can be made available upon request. Please ask.

The Liver microsome, S9 fractions, and cytosolic extracts are characterized by SDS-PAGE analysis and the determination of Cytochrome P450 activities. In subcellular fractions derived from human donors, we monitor the specific activities of cytochrome P450 and UDP-glucuronosyl-transferases (UGT).

Subcellular fractions derived from liver contain a rich variety of metabolic enzymes for assessing the in vitro metabolism of drug candidates and xenobiotics. They are used to evaluate active pharmaceutical ingredients in human and animal health. Other applications include the environmental toxicological assessment of agrochemicals and the evaluation of cosmetics and food additives.

Subcellular fractions are suitable for a variety of experiments including

- Cytochrome P450 Inhibition Studies
- Metabolic Stability
- Cytochrome P450 Phenotyping
- Metabolite Characterization

PRIMACYT is approved by the European Commission as an EU Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL ECVAM) and serves as member of the laboratory network responsible for the method validation.

Our colleagues are professionals and undergo continuous training in the preparation, isolation and cryopreservation of hepatocytes in general, including related co-products, methods and tools. We are a GLP certified laboratory since 2006.

PRIMACYT Liver Subcellular Fractions

Primacyt has introduced a portfolio of liver subcellular fractions, available as an S9 fraction, liver cytosol, and liver microsomes. Products are from single donors, male or female. Microsomes and S9 fractions are characterized by CYP metabolism / SDS PAGE, Cytosol by SDS PAGE. For all fractions, the Protein content in mg/ml is available.

Multiple Species are available

Cynomolgus (Macaca Fascicularis) Bovine (Holsteiner Schwarzbunte) Goat (Capra Aegagrus Hircus Suffolk Sheep (Ovies Aries) Chicken (Gallus Gallus Domesticus). Other species are available on request.