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PRIMACYT Human Keratinocytes

Human Epidermal Keratinocytes

Primacyt is a provider of human keratinocytes from juvenile skin cells for research. Our human epidermal keratinocytes are available from single donors. Culturing non-adult cells is mostly preferred for a variety of studies in cell research. Primacyt provides extended donor information as part of the delivery package.

Epidermal keratinocytes produce keratin, a tough, protective protein that makes up the majority of the structure of the skin.

Keratinocytes constitute about 95 percent of the outermost layer of the skin. Keratinocytes protect by their function as barrier against environmental impacts by providing proinflammatory mediators, structural proteins, enzymes, lipids and antimicrobial peptides. The keratinocyte cell migrates wound gaps improving the wound healing process. Keratinocytes are a functional part of the immune system.

An excellent overview and summary about keratinocytes is „Keratinocyte methods“ by Irene M. Leigh and Fiona M. Watt. Culture techniques and grafting methods, assays of adhesion, proliferation and growth factor production, and a variety of other topics are described in detail.

A further basic introduction to keratinocyte function, culture and structure and to keratinocyte differentiation can be found here.

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Keratinocytes PRIMACYT

Application Fields

  • default_titleGeneration of epidermal and differentiation models.
  • default_titleEpidermal disease research.
  • default_titleWound healing and treatment of dermal burns.
  • default_titleStudies on skin cancer, and toxicity.
  • default_titleStudies on the behavior of growth factors.
  • default_titleStudies on the effect of cosmetics.
  • default_titleSkin irritancy studies.
  • default_titleGene delivery systems.
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Product Benefits

  • default_titleSuperior cell morphology and proliferation rates.
  • default_titleOur keratinocytes are perfect for obtaining reliable results, as they are easy to use and convenient to handle
  • default_titleChoice between juvenile and adult dermal fibroblasts (planned) allows testing of age specific parameters.
  • default_titlePRIMACYT human keratinocyte cells are cryopreserved at passage 1 (P1).
  • default_titleKeratinocytes are derived and characterized from single human donors, allowing variability comparisons with regard to certain donor properties.
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Features / Quality

  • default_titleHuman epidermal keratinocytes are isolated from the dermis of juvenile foreskin.
  • default_titleProliferating cell cultures are made from cryopreserved cells, which have been thawed and cultured at PRIMACYT. Growth performance is tested through multiple passages up 16 population doublings.
  • default_titleHuman epidermal keratinocytes are delivered in vials. Each vial contains more than 500.000 viable cells after thawing.
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Product Delivery, Storage, Handling and Product Warranty

International orders for delivery within the EU including Switzerland are usually 24-48 hours. Delivery to other locations will be jointly determined individually.
The cells are tested for morphology, cell viability, and adherence rate. Growth performance is tested through multiple passages up to at least 16 population doublings. Each vial contains more than 500.000 viable cells after thawing. Proliferating cell cultures are made from cryopreserved cells, which have been thawed and cultured at PRIMACYT.

  • PRIMACYT warrants its cells only if the recommended thawing protocol is followed. Product warranty limits our liability to replacement of this product. No other warranties of any kind are provided by PRIMACYT.
  • default_titleCryopreserved cells are shipped in dry ice. After delivery: Store below -130°C.
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  • On the basis of the individual donor anamnesis, symptoms, and local endemic conditions there is minimal likelihood that pathogens are present. This product is therefore considered as “Exempt Human Specimen”.
  • default_titlePRIMACYT humal epidermal heptatocytes are for in vitro research only. They may not be used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.
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Human Keratinocytes are available as cryopreserved cells. For ordering, please insert the lot number and quantity in the respective column for the cells as described above.

PRIMACYT Human Keratinocytes - Juvenile Donors.
Available as cryopreserved cells.

Human Keratinocytes - Juvenile Donors
Product Code LOT Gender Skin Inventory Viability % Total Cells x106/vial Viability % Recovery x106/vial Total No. of Cells available x106 EUR/Vial
NHEK-JF-Cryo 033-121030 M Foreskin 8 68 2.10 71 2.04 16 255.00
NHEK-JF-Cryo 042-130206 M Foreskin 26 89 1.50 88 1.42 37 255.00
NHEK-JF-Cryo 044-130208 M Foreskin 17 92 1.50 92 1.86 31.6 255.00
NHEK-JF-Cryo 047-130502 M Foreskin 21 86 1.40 77 0.98 21 255.00
NHEK-JF-Cryo 048-130121 M Foreskin 8 87 1.44 85 1.38 11 255.00
Notes: Publishing Date: October 4, 2017
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Adult Donors


EUR 255.00 for 500.000
Viable Cells
Options by Skin and Cell Biology / Characteristics after Thawing available.

Select Lot Number and Quantity for CRYOPRESERVED viable Cells