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Embedded quality in the product itself is one key for your success. We are prepared to provide additional ongoing support including new and updated literature and other components of know-how. Explore our website for further details.

We are GLP certified and strictly committed to all relevant ethical and other applicable standards of this industry and the research sector.

You expect excellent quality and we guarantee it. Permanent and total control along your R&D process is extremely important for us, starting from securing raw materials up to the final arrival of products at your site.

Committed to Innovation and Quality

PRIMACYT Hepatocyte Labs
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Animal Serum free

HEPAC2 - Standardized and validated System for Cell Culturing

A complete solution package.
Our products and services are focused around the HEPAC
2, a standardized and validated serum-free, long-term and re-usable human hepatocyte culture system.

Human hepatocytes are cultured on collagen-coated plates in the presence of HHMM (Human Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium). Hepatocyte specific functions like ammonia detoxification and blood synthesis are maintained for several weeks. 111

Broad Range of Services and Products

  • R&D ServicesFor pre-clinical drug development, PRIMACYT offers in vitro studies with human and animal hepatocytes for studies of metabolism, toxicity, cytochrome P450 induction and the analysis of hepatocellular function.
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  • Large Product PortfolioOur product portfolio is permantly growing and enriched by new product trends.
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There is a need for a human-relevant in vitro model system for further development in basic and advanced research. It is desirable that such a system does not require animal serums or other animal derived components.

The PRIMACYT HEPAC2 Complete System comprises: Human hepatocytes plated in 6 or 12 well collagen coated plates and the ready-to use Human Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium.

Or prefer the new and improved animal component free Human Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium.