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PRIMACYT Cynomolgus Monkey Fibroblasts

Macaca fascicularis - Macaque fasciularis - Macaque Primate

Dermal Fibroblasts - Cultured and cryopreserved Cynomolgus Fibroblasts from PRIMACYT. Compared to other fibroblast cell types, dermal fibroblast cells show only weak affinity to change into other cell types. Fibroblast proliferation can be stimulated by the presence of fibroblast growth factor (FGF).
Cynomolgus monkey dermal fibroblasts are available from individual samples. Select from either sex and age according to your needs. Cells have been isolated from normal skin tissue and cultured in our laboratory in Germany. Primate cells originate from sources in Germany.

Fibroblasts from Cynomolgus Monkey (alt. “Cynomolgus Macaque”) are fibroblasts for research purposes from primates because their dermal cells are very close to human fibroblasts. Standard applications are Western blot, PCR, or assaying of cell-to-cell interaction or adhesion, immunoprecipitation and immunofluorescent flow cytometry or other research purposes.

C<ynomolgus Fibroblasts from Primacyt
Brief Product Description.
Cynomolgus Monkey Fibroblasts are cryopreserved in passage 1. Each vial contains at least 500,000 viable cells. After thawing these cells can be cultured and expanded in FGM (Fibroblast Growth Medium). We do not recommend repeatedly thawing and freezing.

Storage and Handling.
Primacyt delivers Cynomolgus Monkey Fibroblasts on dry ice. After arrival at customer’s site, they need to be transfered for storage below -130°C until they are requested for experimental use. Live cell shipment is also available on request.
Product Safety.
Cynomolgus monkeys are tested for Simian Herpes B Virus, STLV (Simian T Cell Leukemia Virus), SIV, Simian Retrovirus and Ebola Virus, Salmonella, Shigella and Yersinia. Fibroblasts are tested for and are negative for bacteria, yeast, fungi and mycoplasma.

Primacyt stands for cultured fibroblasts
Authorized Uses of Cell Biologics Products
Cynomolgus Monkey Primary Dermal Fibroblasts from Primacyt are available only for laboratory research. Products are explicitly not for human use, in vitro diagnostics or for therapeutic procedures. Transfer or resale of any Primacyt’s cells or products from customer for other purposes or to organizations or individuals is not allowed by Primacyt.

Customer complies with adequate safety procedures for fibroblast products. Despite Cynomolgus monkey dermal fibroblasts are isolated from normal monkey tissue, customer is requested to treat such cells with caution, as the presence of pathogens cannot be excluded because all test procedure cannot completely assure the absence of infectious agents.

Product Code NCDF. Platable Cynomolgus Monkey Cryo-preserved Fibroblasts - Lot and Order Information.

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Inventory Information

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Characteristics after Thawing

Cynomolgus Monkey Fibroblasts
Product Code LOT Gender Type Inventory Viability % Total Cells x106/vial Viability % Recovery x106/vial Total No. of Cells available x106 EUR/Vial
NCDF-Cryo 062-150804 Female Face 9 96 1.00 95 1.40 12.6 460.00
NCDF-Cryo 063A-150804 Female Face 13 98 1.00 96 1.46 18.98 460.00
NCDF-Cryo 063B-150804 Female Face 13 96 1.00 92 1,06 13.78 460.00
Notes: Publishing Date: October 4, 2017
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Product Code CNDF
EUR 460.00 for 500.000 viable Cells
Cynomolgus Monkey Dermal Fibroblasts are available as cryopreserved cells. For ordering, please check for the lot number.


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