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PRIMACYT Standard Rat Tail Collagen Type I Coated Cultureware.

96 -, 24- 12-, 6- Well Plates for successful Cell Culture and Plating.

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Collagen Coated 96well Plates

EUR 60,00

Package of 5 plates

Collagen Coated 6well Plates

EUR 60,0000

Package of 5 plates

Collagen Coated 24well Plates

EUR 60,00

Package of 5 plates

Collagen Coated 12well Plates

EUR 60,00

Package of 5 plates

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Conditions for enhanced cell differentation can be created by plating cells onto coated cultureware. This mostly results in higher density and proliferation rate, requiring less serum and growth factor concentration in parallel.

Rat Tail Collagen Type I alpha 1 may be regarded as the standard coating means achieving these objectives.

We offer rebate schedules for larger quantities and scheduled deliveries according to standard intervals. Please ask.

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  • Crystal clear polystyrene plate material
  • Flat bottom, flat growth surface
  • Clear alpha-numerical label (serial and lot #).
  • Error free lid positioning by sloped edge.
  • Ridged grip touch area protects lid from unwanted lift off.
  • Lid air venting optimized for gas exchange and evaporation.
  • Plates of different sizes can be easily stacked together.
  • Mostly compatible with common reader, washer and dispenser stations.
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  • Plates available in four different formats.The PRIMACYT Collagen coated multiwell plates are available as 96, 24,12 and 6-well plates in standard format and are packaged in sleeves of two plates. For your advantage, these plates are convenient to handle, storage friendly and available on demand. High quality plates in combination with a defined coating process ensure well-to-well consistent preconditions to ensure successful cell cultures.
  • Collagen identical with liquid material.PRIMACYT Standard Rat Tail Collagen is the identical material we use for coating tissue culture treated test plates - ready to use, no compromise between time and effort, just simply spread your cells.
  • Complies with ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 through ANSI/SLAS 4-2004The pure plate plastic assembly for 96 well plates conforms to standards ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 through ANSI/SLAS 4-2004 and has an interleaved barcode 2/5. Shelf life up to 6 months at 4° C at dry conditions.
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