Primacyt releases liver subcellular fractions from Atlantic Salmon.

Schwerin, Germany, February 12, 2019.

Primacyt has added a new species to its already comprehensive range of liver subcellular fractions to cover the rising demand for these products. The Atlantic salmon has been kept under environmentally controlled conditions similar to Rainbow trout following the OECD Guideline 319. S9 Fractions for salmon have been extensively characterized for Phase I and Phase enzymatic activities.

Primacyt releases new plateable cryopreserved Cynomolgus hepatocytes for P450 studies

Schwerin, Germany

Primacyt has released two new batches of plateable cryopreserved Cynomolgus hepatocytes with up to 99 vials per lot. The lots were characterised for viablility, plateability and Cytochrome P450 induction. Boths lots are also suitable for suspension assays.

Primacyt releases new rainbow trout hepatocyte lot information according to OECD 319A

Schwerin, Germany

In close collaboration with researchers at Givaudan, Switzerland, Primacyt has updated the lot information on two batches of pooled rainbow trout hepatocytes. Pyrene depletion was determined according to OECD-guideline 319A in lots RTH180221 and RTH10214-1 and revealed depletion rate constants and in vitro intrinsic clearance rates well above reported activities in the relevant specialist literature. Givaudan’s scientists will present these data at SETAC 2019 in May in Helsinki.