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We prefer to become your partner for Contract R&D and Development. Access PRIMACYT’s technologies and expertise for Strategic Services and Support.

Benefit from PRIMACYT as European Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing.

PRIMACYT is a leading biotech organization with a more than 10 years history of providing superior solutions to the life science community.

We are member of a GLP certified network. In close cooperation with several partnership organizations, we offer services in the first stages of the drug development process. Our partners cooperate with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies during research and drug synthesis, target validation, lead discovery and pre-clinical testing especially ADME, toxicity testing and in vitro testing.

Let our innovative team help to maximize your success.

Outstanding Technologies

Outstanding technologies are mission critical. We are experts for in vitro technologies. We develop and provide cell culture systems for the prediction of toxic and long-term effects of agents on the human body.

Total Quality Commitment

Our strong total quality commitment streamlines your success. Our experience and expertise is embedded not only in products, but also in our service portfolio.

PRIMACYT is involved in a variety of research co-operations with universities, research institutions and other biotech companies and organizations.

Our focus is the development and validation of improved cell culture systems, which may be used to predict toxicity and long-term effects of chemical compounds on the human body.
The ultimate goal is to provide validated in vitro systems that may be used as alternative to animal experiments and thereby contribute to the reduction and replacement of animal experiments.

Example: The rapid development of methodologies in personalized medicine provides great potential to revolutionize the future treatment of a wide range of diseases. Exploitation of this great potential requires the production of human, patient specific, cells on an industrial scale.

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Preclinical Drug Testing and Development

Most important Uptake and Efflux Transporter-Assays.

Membrane transporters are main determinants of the absorption, distribution and elimination of drugs. Primacyt has a variety of stable transfected cells expressing uptake or efflux transporters at your disposal. Use also inside-out lipovesicles to characterize efflux transporter mediated transport kinetics.

3T3 NRU Assays for Phototoxicity Studies

Cost efficient, regulatory approved, following OECD Guideline 432.

Phototoxicity is an acute light induced, non-immunologic skin response to a photo-reactive chemical. Primacyt offers in vitro 3T3 Neutral Red Uptake Phototoxicity Test with BALB 3T3 fibroblasts.

We support your studies in the fields of photosensitivity, phototoxicity and photoallergic reactions. Contact us for details.
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Contact us also for Studies of Metabolism - Toxicity - Cytochrome P450 induction - Hepatocellular Function