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Current PRIMACYT Projects supported by the European Community.

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Development of an in vitro Network for establishing a GLP Business Incubator.

PRIMACYT has taken initiative to establish an in vitro network with regional partners in Mecklenburg-Pomerania. The goal of the project is a GLP-Business Incubator. The project has been awarded and will be funded by the Ministry of Economics and Tourism of the Federal State Mecklenburg-Pomerania. The project is supported by the European Union for Regional Development (EFRE).

As a GLP certified laboratory PRIMACYT enables its partner institutions and companies to broaden reach for existing and new products and services under the quality management of Good Laboratory Praxis to customers, targeted for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Initial first partners are the Institute for Diabetes Gerhardt Kätsch in Karlsburg, Pomerania and the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Greifswald.

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Non-parenchymal Liver Cells

In-vitro technologies that reflect the in-vivo situation like long-term 2D and 3D cell and tissue cultures, organ-bio-printing that may serve as alternatives to animal experiments rely on the availability and require the combination of all cell types incorporated within any given organ.

In co-operation with the Institute of Pharmacology at the University of Greifswald, Primacyt has started a research project to establish isolation, cultivation, and cryopreservation of non-parenchymal liver cells.

Combination of non-parenchymal liver cells with the already available parenchymal liver cells or hepatocytes will enable researchers to establish and provide in-vitro systems closely related to the in-vivo situation.

This project is supported in part by Mecklenburg-Pomeranian Ministry of Economics and Tourism and the European Union Regional Development Fund (ERDF).