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Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering and 3D Cell Culture / Tissue Culture

Primacyt is provider for hydrogels from Ferentis ( Ferentis has developed a unique biosynthetic tissue matrix technology that has a broad range of applications in cell culture and tissue engineering. The hydrogel formulations are proprietary. We combine the best of polymer science and cell biology to obtain constructs that mimic the extracellular matrix (ECM). Depending on your research application, we support your projects with application specific hydrogels, ranging from collagen-based to collagen-mimetic-peptides (CMP).

Hydrogel Basic - Porcine collagen.
Easily moldable to your preferred shape and patterned with molecules according to your choice.
  • default_titleMade of parallel collagen fibers with pores up to several µm.
  • default_titleResistant to physical damage.
  • default_titleTransparent for visualization of cells under bright field and fluorescent microscope. Some larger pores are also visible under brightfield.
  • default_titleAdditives can be mixed into the hydrogel, but not introduced into the structure core.
  • default_titlePriceless solution due to favorable production expenses.
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Hydrogel Pro - Synthetic Collagen mimetic peptide (CMP), Animal free.
Easily moldable to your preferred shape and patterned with molecules according to your choice.
  • default_titleWe offer self-assembling peptide sequences from collagen.
  • default_titleResistant to physical damage.It shows a resolution of cell images for both microscops, bright field and fluorescence.
  • default_titleThe hydogel forms a fibrillary net with nanopores up to 0.4 µm.
  • default_titleBioactive sequences can be introduced into the structural core.
  • default_titleLess resistant structure, needs to be handled with care.
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Seven Reasons to make Ferentis Hydrogels to your favorite Choice for 3D Cultures.

  • Natural 3-D architecture of highly crosslinked biosynthetic hydrogel (CMP)
  • default_titleChemically and physically defined (CMP)
  • default_titleNon-animal origin, biosynthetic source (CMP)
  • default_titleRetains shape for microfabrication (micromoulding, micropatterning)
  • default_titleEasy to handle and transfer
  • default_titleFully transparent for microscopy analysis
  • default_titleSupportive of the proliferation of human epithelial corneal cells (HCECs), skin fibroblasts and keratinocytes, astrocytes and microglia, neuronal differentiation and viability of brain slice cultures
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Five strong Arguments
to use Ferentis Microgels
for your Projects