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McCoy's 5A (modified) Medium. Universal as Medium – Universal for Growth.

McCoy's 5A (modified)

McCoy's 5A (modified) supports the propagation of many types of primary cells, established cell lines, and explants from biopsy tissues. It support the growth of primary mammalian cells derived from normal bone marrow, skin, spleen, kidney, lung, rat embryos, and other tissues.

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Ready-to-use SILAC McCoy`s 5A Medium (Modified) containing 13C labelled arginine and lysine amino acids (R6K6)


Control SILAC McCoy`s 5A Medium (Modified) containing unlabeled arginine and lysine amino acids (R0K0)


Ready-to-use SILAC McCoy’s 5A Medium (Modified) containing 13C labeled arginine and lysine amino acids (R6K8)


Ready-to-use SILAC McCoy’s 5A Medium (Modified) containing 13C labeled arginine and lysine amino acids (R10K8)


Ready-to-use SILAC McCoy’s 5A Medium (Modified) containing 13C labeled arginine and lysine amino acids (R6K4)


… Please note that minimum order volumes of 5-10L may apply for custom made SILAC media not commonly used in research laboratories.

McCoy's 5A (modified)

McCoys 5A (modified) Medium, also named McCoys 5a medium, is a universal medium. In total, due to its universal applications, 5A media are generally used for growing primary cultures. The medium is beneficial for the propagation of leukocytes, a wide range of human and rat normal or transformed cells types and for biopsy tissues.

Typical target cells in the field of primary mammalian and established cell types are for example 293T, A431, A549, BMMN, COS7, HCT116, HeLa, HepG2, HT-29, K562, NIH 3T3, or U2OS.

McCoys 5A medium is utilized for explants from tissues derived from biopsies, such as adrenal glands, gingiva, intestine, kidney, liver, lung, normal bone marrow, rat embryos, skin or spleen.

As the Mc Coy‘s medium is used as universal medium, it contains all required amino acids and vitamins. It can be used in ambient environment, e.g. outside of CO2 incubators, due to enrichment with Hank’s salts HBSS.

SILAC McCoy’s 5A Medium

SILAC Stable isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture is a well known technique for detection of differences in protein abundance among samples using non-radioactive isotopic labeling and mass spectrometry or NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

SILAC is a robust and a superior reproducible method in quantitative proteomics with remarkable advantages:
- Applicable to a wide range of cell types, supporting multiple culture conditions
- Robust experimental results due to labeling prior to sample preparation
- Ultra high labeling efficiency and high dynamic range in detection

SILAC McCoys 5A Media incorporate L-Arginine and L-Lysine isotopes for quantitative proteomics. We offer following isotopes for the comparison of cell populations:
- R0K0 versus R6K6, R6K8, R10K8, R6K4 respectively.

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